American Samoans do not reside in a small city or an excellent highest town, in 76 other communities

Almost everybody attends church

Getting an area in the proportions, I expected truth be told there become a global city cardio which have all the features you might assume within the a greatest port, however, sadly, I happened to be wrong. Most of the community features a tiny shop, and all of nearby develop try grown up inside brief family unit members tons and backyards. Brand new villages is actually given because of the a chief and his household members, who individual the land in the fresh new village. Also Chiefs there are also Higher Chiefs, Oratory Chiefs and you can Important Chiefs.

Junior, when he is known, is a sensible and you can really-spoken people just who went into detail concerning your Chiefly system from inside the Samoa

The other day, I was strolling returning to new ship whenever a large truck pulled up, “Hello, sis, do you need an experience?”. How could I state no? The guy operating delivered himself due to the fact Young buck of your own Large Captain of the Town off Aua. He pointed to the top of one of highs round the brand new bay, up coming down to the water’s edge where the roofs of your own property perforated the fresh new thicker eco-friendly land. “Which is my personal family’s house. I have had that residential property for over cuatro,000 years.” Once i read this, first thing We wondered was if I got said brand new right one thing and you may come respectful enough to this important man. In reality, regard are all things in Samoa, it’s necessary to every facet of Samoan lifetime. We have also read an ailment regarding an american pair whose youngster came house off school 1 day having a giant welt towards the their right back. Frequently, the new janitor at school don’t have the regard he deserved, and therefore took to that particular worst child together with his wood broomstick.

The principle of every community accounts for the fresh wellness away from their some body, while the cohesion from his town. One cannot enter the house off a frontrunner in place of using the fresh antique lГ¶ytää ruotsalainen morsian ilmaiseksi lavalava, plus one need to be most courteous when speaking-to a frontrunner. Courtesy typical community and you can family conferences on ‘fale’ (nearest and dearest meeting place) the main assures his community is actually a profitable and you may happy one to. A pleasurable community which have a pleasurable Chief guarantees a pleasurable island. Needless to say, no governing experience versus their defects, however, I think we could all of the learn from the way in which out-of lifestyle from inside the Samoa.

Regardless of the simple-supposed nature of one’s Polynesian somebody, esteem is paramount, and you may from the determine regarding Christianity, alternatively strict statutes implement. It disagree a bit of community to help you community and so are policed of the the villagers themselves. Including, really groups has a beneficial curfew on the young adults, often beginning from the 10pm or prior to. I was produced alert to that it signal one-night by an effective Chief whenever i since re-anchoring my ship in the pm. Naughty boy. Alcoholic drinks can not be bought anyplace towards area on a week-end – a many traumatic imposition for the majority of good sailor to arrive towards the Pago Pago. The latest shores and you can bays of one’s area commonly for your old traffic to make their: some are relatives possessed, and for the ones which are not, it’s often far better inquire an area getting permission prior to taking a dip. But don’t actually ever just be sure to take action to your a sunday!

Weekends to the American Samoa is getting chapel, family in addition to ‘umu’ (antique planet oven). For the a however Sunday early morning into the Pago Pago harbour, in the event that sunrays was yet to rise above Rainmaker Hill for the new eastern, you to discover air thick to your cigarette out of a beneficial hundred or so backyard umus getting prepared. Churches is every where during the Samoa. Most are highest, some are small. Some are antique, most are much more magnetic. Some are Protestant, most are Catholic. Certain congregations consist of just one, albeit highest, loved ones while some can get fit much of a village. Exactly as is the case throughout the much of Polynesia, that which you revolves inside the chapel.