One or two from the UK have married in standard Muslim outfit in what could be the UNITED KINGDOM’s first same-sex matrimony concerning a Muslim person.

Jahed Choudhury, 24, and Sean Rogan, 19, boast of being one pair to own a same-sex Muslim relationship. The two had gotten hitched in Islamic gown at a registry company in Walsall, western Midlands, on 22 Summer.

The couple — who have been collectively since 2015 — wish different homosexual Muslims might find their unique wedding in order to find the courage to come out to their loved ones. They would like to reveal the whole world it’s possible to end up being gay and Muslim.

“I just wish other dating a gay muslim see this at the same time,” Choudhury

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. “and realize that they have got assistance off their gay people,” Rogan included.

Choudhury told the

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the guy felt like the “black sheep” of their Bangladeshi Muslim household and he’d been continuously bullied at school, banned from his mosque, and assaulted by different Muslims from his area.

“we endured away like an aching thumb – we never enjoyed basketball, we recommended enjoying trend shows on TV. I remember feeling trapped,” stated Choudhury. “It moved all-around school, men and women would spit on myself, unused the rubbish containers on myself, know me as pig and also the Muslim individuals would shout ‘haram’ — which will be a tremendously horrible insult during my language.”

“this really is about showing individuals I do not care, my loved ones does not want to come on the day, they simply should not find it, its as well embarrassing for them,” says Choudhury. “i wish to say to all people going through the same task that’s all’s okay – we will reveal the whole world as possible be homosexual and Muslim.”

Same-sex marriages have now been happening in the united kingdom since March 2014 after rules was actually passed by parliament in 2013.

Congrats to the pleased pair!

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